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Sergey Dmitriev

Sergey Dmitriev

I help organizations to change their thinking about IT being a cost center to thinking about IT as a profit center.

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I empower business owners and senior executives to transform their company’s culture, organizational framework, and operational processes, enabling businesses to adapt to evolving customer demands, maintain market resilience, and reduce reliance on external consultancies.

My coaching expertise spans globally, with leadership training provided to international giants like Apple, Sony,and Cisco, as well as renowned governmental entities like The US Ministry of Veteran Affairs, The Norwegian Coast Guard, The Police Department of Oslo, among others.

With over two decades in the realm of strategic business transformation, my multifaceted xperience encompasses roles as a board member, investor, and mentor. I’ve rendered my services across 24 countries, facilitated over 1000 training programs, and proudly certified over 5,000 enthusiastic Product Managers and Scrum Masters.


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