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Realigning Agile & Scrum: The Original Vision

Realign Scrum

Many people today have a flawed understanding of Agile and Scrum. Talk to any of the signers of the Agile Manifesto or members of the earliest Scrum Teams, and they’ll tell you how these terms have deviated from their original meaning.

Regrettably, it’s likely that up to 80% of organizations claiming to be Agile or using Scrum misuse these terms and practice Scrum incorrectly. Their practices resemble true Agile and Scrum as much as the Moon does to Earth.

The Illusion of Agility: Unfulfilled Expectations

These misconceptions lead to falling short of the desired results when adopting Scrum. What they face is:

Customer Satisfaction

No improvement in customer satisfaction

Team Productivity

No enhancement in team productivity

No reduction in time to market

Late, Over Budget

Late, over-budget, and substandard project delivery

Sounds disappointing, right?

The Blame Game

In the aftermath, companies often feel disillusioned with Scrum, erroneously blaming the framework rather than examining their flawed implementation.

are common refrains we hear. However, the tool isn't to blame; it's how you use it.

Let's agree: it's not about the tool

It's how you use it.

You wouldn't use a fork to eat soup or a spoon to cut a steak, would you?

Instead of blaming the tool, consider deepening your understanding of the tool and reassess how it's used in the context. Explore how you can modify your workflows.

So, if you've tried Scrum and it didn't yield the results you anticipated, reach out to us. We can provide fresh perspectives on your practices.

The True Potential of Scrum:

Delivering Value Faster

Scrum can definitely help you deliver value to the market faster if you understand its essence and use it correctly. Remember, Scrum in itself isn’t the end goal. It’s a means to enhance customer collaboration, boost efficiency, and improve your company’s processes.

Harnessing Scrum:

Tackling Complex Problems

Originally designed as a catalyst for organizational change, Scrum is a tool for tackling complex problems in unpredictable and uncertain conditions. It brings together self-organizing, highly motivated team members with diverse backgrounds to accomplish a shared goal.

Scrum isn't a cure-all for every challenge.

What It's Not Designed For

Scrum isn’t well-suited for:

However, Scrum excels when reinventing a product or process to adapt to changing market conditions.

The Scrum Revolution:

Your Journey Starts Here

If your goal is to increase customer satisfaction, reduce time to market, enhance business adaptability and resilience, and truly leverage the power of Scrum, we have something exciting for you.

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