Scrum Master Mentoring Program

We accompany you from the background! Learn through sharing with peers and an experienced mentor

Learn To Act More Effectively

Move More Faster

Use new starting points as leverage. Combine measures for more impact. Follow up in a structured way.

Act More Confidently

Learn to assess situations correctly. Know your options for action. Use your strengths consciously.

Work More Sustainably

Win your environment for change. Create the solutions with them. Act as an enabler for your environment.

How to Bring About Real Change As A Scrum Master

Would You Like To Support Your Environment More Effectively?

Our Program Helps Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches And modern Leaders.

This Is How You Develop Yourself Further With Our Mentoring

The program framework

Desk Reading

Work on your practical cases in a structured way

Learn how to approach challenging situations in a structured way with our agile match plan in order to use new effective starting points to make a difference even in a supposedly stuck situation.

Close Collaboration

Learn in exchange with
like-minded people

The structure of our moderated live online sessions makes it possible to gain many new perspectives and insights from the exchange with the other participants.

Ralf Kruse Teaching

Accompanied by an experienced mentor

In the exchange, as well as in our learning modules, you get impulses to consolidate your previous knowledge and gain new perspectives.

What should you work on next?

If you want to effect change effectively as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach, you are not on your own. In a conversation we look at where you stand and where you can start to act optimally.

Your Mentor - Ralf Kruse

For more than 10 years I have been supporting organizations with agility to master their challenges. In 2010 I was involved in a larger multinational transformation for the first time and learned from this experience how to effectively train internal agile coaches and scrum masters.

Since then I have supported organizations in a wide variety of industries and sizes. From these experiences, how to get organizations to use agile approaches effectively and to train agile coaches and scrum masters, I developed our mentoring program at the end of 2020 to support agile practitioners effectively from the background and to help them to break away from the "caretaker". to develop into an effective enabler.

Ralf Kruse

The Advantages At A Glance​

6 months learning together with many opportunities for exchange!



Moderated Sessions

only €2,700 + VAT

Program Structure

With the following four building blocks we help you to act optimally

Application Calls

Application Calls

Structured exchange of your cases

Every two weeks  we take up the impulses from the learning modules  in the  application calls and support you in using these approaches in your environment. 

The focus is on collegial case advice in order to gain new starting points with experienced mentors and peers and to develop your impact.

Every 2nd Wednesday 18:15-20:00.

Hot topics

Work on issues together

Every two weeks we work on practical topics in more depth in the Hot Topics. This free format is intended as a supplement to the application calls, where we work through topics in a structured manner based on the agile match plan .

The topic requests for the hot topics come from the participants and are individually tailored to the topic.

Every 2nd Wednesday 18:15-20:00.

Learning Modules

8 learning modules

Set impulses with new content

In order to avoid simply dogmatically following third-party “recipes”, one must first understand the underlying concepts and develop a deeper understanding of new, unfamiliar practices.

In 8 learning modules we will help you to deepen your understanding.

Level 1 ( A-CSM) Every Thursday 11:30-13:00
(Learning modules in detail)



Exchange & learning together

Our community supports your personal development. The direct exchange provides impetus, support and motivates at the same time. 

Our program is deliberately more than a sum of joint online appointments. It is structured in such a way that it promotes exchange outside of the appointments and thus creates a community of like-minded people.

Level 2 (CSP-SM) Every Thursday 13:30-15:00
(Learning modules in detail)

Level 2 (CSP-SM) Every Thursday 13:30-15:00
(Learning modules in detail)

Wondering If The Program Is Right For You?

Let's talk in person and see together whether this program suits you and your current situation.

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