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Alexander Frumkin

Alexander Frumkin

Help humans, teams and organizations unleash innovation, creativity and happiness by bringing psychological safety to the workplace.

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My name is Alexander Frumkin and I am a scrumoholic. Having my first program written in Algol 60 in high school, I had a long and successful technical career. It included 18 years in different technical roles at Autodesk and leading software development departments in a couple of engineering companies. My last technical role was a CTO in a small engineering start up.

I discovered Agility in 2007 after running into Martin Fowler at one of the technical conferences and have lived and breathed agility and scrum ever since. My professional life was a long journey of learning Scrum the hard way, a journey of celebrating successes and failures. Every time I failed, I learned from the failure and became stronger. It was ultimately a journey of joy. I had a chance to learn Agile and Scrum by doing it. I lived through many Scrum projects, small and huge. Some of them were successful. Some I am not proud of. But I gained experience. My enormous passion for Scrum is based on a belief that it helps bring humanity to the workplace.

I started my coaching career in 2014 and worked at multiple companies, small and large. For the last 4 years I’ve been orchestrating successful Agile adoption at Bank of the West as a principal Agile Coach. I gained my CTC in 2020 and am pursuing my CST certification. I was lucky to have discovered “better way of developing software” – now I am enjoying “helping others to do it”.

I’ve guided 18,700 employees, including 4,000 managers, in leadership, change management, sales, and self-management transformations. As an entrepreneur and certified coach, I specialize in equipping ambitious leaders and managers with the tools for transformative change, driving individual growth, and fortifying organizations for success.


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