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Alexander Domanitskiy

Alexander Domanitskiy

Business strategist and ecosystem development guru I help organizations increase productivity and adapt to challenging environment using an ecosystem-platform business model.

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Short Biography

Managed Apple’s business in several countries within the CEMEA (Central Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region, as well as operated the largest European network of mono-brand retail stores for Apple, Sony, Lego, and others, spanning 6 European countries.

Served as the interim CEO for various turnaround projects in diverse domains, from container shipping lines to restaurant chain, doing business across 16 European countries with different cultures.

Since 2015, has been focused on transitioning companies to a platform business model, acting either as the business CEO or a board member. This expertise has been encapsulated into a proprietary methodology for ecosystem development and the shift to a platform business model, which has been utilized by over 200 companies ranging from complex B2B 1 $Bn+ companies (logistics, manufacturing) to smaller B2C enterprises (distribution, FMCG products).

The methodology is taught in business schools that rank within the top 50 of the Financial Times rating.


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