Sakshi Chandraakar
Sakshi Chandraakar
- Career Branding Coach

A Career Branding Coach Whose Work Is To Turn Working Professionals & Job Seekers Into BRANDS To Help Them Land Amazing Jobs & Career Growth Opportunities.


100 K+ LinkedIn Followers

7 M+ Views

400+ live Training conducted

20k + Students Coached


Students selected in Facebook, Rolls Royce, Oracle, TCS, Delloite, EY, KPMG, PWC, British Petroleum & many more

About Meetup
Understanding your Career Brand

Discover the power of career branding in our upcoming webinar - "Understanding Your Career Brand".


In a competitive job market, you need to stand out - but how? Career branding can give you the edge you need.


Our expert-led session will introduce you to the concept of personal branding, guide you to assess your current value proposition, and show you how to develop a compelling brand identity with effective perception management.


Equip yourself with the tools to create a distinct, memorable, and impactful professional persona that can transform your career.


Join us, as we unfold the secrets of career branding and step into the new world of opportunities!

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