How To Claim PDUs After Attending CSM & CSPO Workshops?

Sergey Dmitriev

What are PDUs?

Professional Development Units (PDUs) are hours which you spend in learning and practising project management. These hours can be accumulated by teaching, volunteering, learning, speaking, authoring, executing projects etc. Each one hour corresponds to one PDU.

This article helps you to claim PDUs to renew your PMP/PMI-ACP certifications after attending our Scrum classes hosted by UCAgile.

You would have attended one of the following classes with us:

Steps To Report PDUs on your PMI Dashboard:

Step 1: Login into using your credentials.
Step 2: On top right corner, click on myPMI Dashboard
Step 3: Under Certification Status, click on View more on your Dashboard
Step 4: Under PDUs, click on 'Report' PDUs
Step 5: Under Education, click on 'Course' or Training
Step 6: Enter 'UCAgile' in Provider field.
Step 7-CSM: Enter 'CSM' on Course, and select Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

‘Description’ is automatically populated. If not automatically populated, then provide the following description:

This two-day course will provide an overview of the Scrum framework and prepare attendees to take on the Scrum Master role. During the course, participants will learn about Agile, the foundation of Scrum, as well as the fundamentals associated with the framework including its events, artifacts and roles.

Participants will learn these topics through exercises, discussions, and case studies based on the instructor’s real-world experience in working with Scrum teams.

Upon completion of the course, all students will be eligible for Scrum Master Certification with the Scrum Alliance. Attendees will also receive a two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, an organization that provides valuable materials and resources exclusively to CSMs.

Step 7-CSPO: Enter 'Product Owner' on Course, and select Certified Scrum Product Owner

‘Description’ is automatically populated. If not automatically populated, then provide the following description:

Certified Scrum Product Owner Workshop teaches you the essentials of working as a Product Owner in this interactive, certified, two-day class. It provides the skills and tools you need to generate business value and fully leverage your Scrum team. This intensive hands-on course will teach you how to handle the many responsibilities of a great Product Owner. Including how to manage and prioritize product backlogs utilizing business value and other industry priorization methods. Plan releases, track progress, estimate business value, drive Sprint Review, effectively prepare and participate in Sprint Planning, learn how to scale Scrum projects.

Step 7-ACSM: Enter 'A-CSM' and select Advanced Certified Scrum Master

‘Description’ is automatically populated. If not automatically populated, then provide the following description:

The Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) picks up where Certified Scrum Master (CSM) leaves off. Rather than just focusing on what we call the 3-5-3. Roles, Events, Artifacts, Scrum Values, and Pillars. We go more in-depth and broader and challenge you to apply the knowledge you have acquired through training and on the ground practice to demonstrate mastery of Scrum in motion. We have taken what the Scrum guide calls out as responsibilities of the Scrum Master and crafted an engaging thought-provoking yet fun workshop.

Step 8: Enter your workshop dates
Step 9: Enter other details as below
Step 10: Enter PDUs claimed for PMP and/or PMI-ACP as below
Step 11: Check 'I agree this claim is accurate' and click 'Submit'
Step 12: Approval of PDUs may take few minutes to few days. Below is the confirmation page displayed

Note: Some fields may be lost after selecting the ‘Course’. You can edit the fields manually after entering the PDUs at the end of the page.


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